Marketing, a key driver of business

Marketing is no more a “how-to” subject. It is very much a “how” subject. With the advent of technology and consumer-centricity, it is becoming more and more challenging to market your product. That’s why marketing strategies must be built on the proper foundation. It is also why creating the right perspective is vital for the future of your business. This blog shall give you an insight into how marketing strategies have changed over the years. You will also know why they have changed and what you can expect in the future.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating a product, making it available to customers and communicating that everything is on track with its intended use. One of the many ways marketing has changed in recent years is pertaining to branding. If your drivers have shifted such that marketing represents 50% or more of your bottom-line revenues. Then, some changes may need to be made at the hiring level or the least. In addition, there will have to be ongoing growth with new hires coming on board regularly because, without people, no one would realize how wonderful your everyday smart device was. 

Marketing Today

Marketing has changed and evolved over the past decade. It has gone from being a product and price play to one of branding. It has gone from creating new products to inventing new markets, from cost to profit. Marketing has gone from being a tactical activity to a strategic tool. Marketing today is a close neighbor of sales. Previously, marketers focused on branding as one of their tactics, whereas nowadays, it can very well be the core strategy behind what your project is trying to sell to consumers. 

The importance of branding

Build an identity that represents your business and helps it stand out from the crowd. A well-defined brand can help you increase sales and build your business into a thriving, sustainable venture. Branding is not only about the colour scheme or the logo of your business — it’s about all of the factors that come together to form your business’s identity. When your business has a clearly defined brand identity, it’s easier for customers to identify your business and understand what you do. 

What are the main challenges of marketing?

Marketing is not an easy job. It involves a lot of time and money. First, you must get the right people on board for the job. Marketing is not just advertising. It’s a lot more than that. Marketing is the way you make people aware of your business and products. Marketing is about building a brand for your business. It’s important to remember that marketing is not a “One Size Fits All” tool. Every project is different, every product is different, and every consumer is different. By taking the time to understand your client’s business, the products and services they offer, and the people they are trying to reach, your marketing plan will be better geared towards achieving the desired outcome. This will increase the likelihood that your marketing is successful

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