Rita Mody Joshi: A Master of Sustainable Architecture

Rita Mody Joshi: A Master of Sustainable Architecture

Goa, the land of beautiful beaches, surreal landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, also has rich and unique architecture. However, considering the rapid pace of development and the environmental hazards caused due to it, architects have been making efforts to build green buildings, green structures. One such architect working towards this cause for more than three decades now is Rita Mody Joshi. 

Rita is a woman of substance. She is an architect passionate about design with an inclination towards sustainability. She says she decided at the age of seven that she wanted to become an architect. “I used to go around on my bicycle and keep on observing buildings and people building. Since I was young and stayed in a township like Jamshedpur, all the time some work or the other going on there. So, I was very keen seeing the masons making the mixture. I would see the bricks being made. And Jamshedpur is an ideal township to grow up in. I think that inculcated the value for architecture or a passion, I would say. My byline is that I walk, talk, and live architecture.” Says Rita.

She holds a B. Arch degree from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (C.E.P.T), Ahmedabad. As an architect, she has worked with some of the well-renowned firms on some great projects. While in Delhi, she worked with an American architect named Joseph Allen Stein. He invited her to work for him. After getting married, Rita moved to Goa and started her firm called Rita Mody Joshi and Associates. She has also been a visiting faculty at the Goa College of Architecture. She has been a strong advocate of sustainable architecture and has been practising it herself by recycling and reusing materials. Her sole intention while working on a project is to meet the needs of her clients and give them the home of their dreams.

Rita concluded with a message for the young generation. “I would say follow your heart and your passion. Don’t do something because you have to do something to get a roof over your head and two meals a day. If you are passionate about something, you will love it. You will enjoy it every moment, and it won’t be a job. You get a calling of what you should do or what your mind or heart wants you to do, and you can’t go wrong. You can’t blame somebody else. You will only have to blame yourself. And you won’t do that for sure. You will try and make it a success. Everyone has a calling from within. So, follow your heart, and you can’t go wrong.”

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