Asha Arondekar: The Woman Entrepreneurial Spirit of Goa

“Success isn’t about how much money you can make; it’s about the difference you make in
people’s lives.” So reads a quote by Michelle Obama. This quote holds true for Mrs. Asha
Arondekar, a successful entrepreneur from Goa who dared to dream big and brought her
dreams to life. Asha successfully launched her brand Tatva Salon and Spa ten years ago. She
has numerous awards to her credit and has worked towards the upliftment of women in Goa by
conceptualizing the Orchid Awards for Women Achievers to honor women from various
professions. Also, she has launched her new venture the previous year named Global to Local
to promote the products by the self-help groups across Goa. 
Talking about her journey as an entrepreneur, she remarked, “I do not come from a business
background. I come from a defense background. But when I was in college, Dr Kiran
Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder of Biocon Limited, visited my college for a guest lecture. Listening
to her inspirational talk encouraged me to start a business. So, that was the turning point where
I thought that I don’t want to get into a job, I don’t want to get into a profession, I want to put my
hand in entrepreneurship. So I started out at the age of nineteen while still in college.”
Being a clinical biochemist, Asha started with a pharma research company in Pune. After
running it successfully for years, she later decided to shift to Goa. She set up a pharmaceutical
company in Goa as well before getting into the wellness sector with VLCC. Further, she
launched her brand of salon and spa called ‘Tatva’. And has been successfully running it for the
past couple of years. 
Her latest venture is Global to Local, a Goan Supermarket in Panjim Goa to support the self-
help group Women of Goa, a platform for authentic Goan products. It is a venture wherein she
reached out to rural Self-Help Group women across Goa. Through her venture, Asha has given
them a platform to sell their products. “It is so close to my heart. I have wanted to do that for the
last couple of years. But during the last lockdown, I could put it together and start it. I feel so
happy because I connect to women.” Said Asha talking about her venture. 
“I think that women entrepreneurs have an edge of the emotional quotient that they should use
to their full capacity. Once you start, do not worry. Success is going to come, but don’t think
failure is the opposite of success. The opposite of failure is not success. Success goes together
with experience. So, if you are focused and get on to it, you will get what you want. Dream big.
Dream with your eyes open. They do come true.” Said Asha leaving a message for all the young
women entrepreneurs.

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