Veloshka: The inspiring Woman in Goan Entertainment Industry

Goa has always been known as a rich cultural heritage. It has produced some of the world’s
best artists who have made a mark in the world of performing arts. One of the Goan young
artists who has put Goa on the world map is Veloshka Enaida Dacosta. Veloshka is an inspiring
woman who is not only known for her acting skills but is also an accomplished singer and
compere. She has been a part of the entertainment industry since a young age. She has
performed in numerous musical shows, including musicals, stage plays, dance routines and
songs in the Konkani language.
She rose to fame with the role of Maria that she played in Glory. Glory is a Konkani retro film
that had a special screening at IFFI 2019. In addition, she has featured in various music videos.
Furthermore, she has performed for multiple shows and events across Goa and in foreign
countries as well. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and has also completed a
dramatics course from the Tiatr Academy of Goa.
Veloshka is passionate about preserving the rich Goan culture and heritage. “I would say each
one of us is so incredibly blessed to be having such a background, such a rich culture. Now, the
responsibility of taking this cultural heritage further lies with us. There are young people working
towards it. The intent of preserving our culture is one of the reasons that I do what I do. I would
love to carry on my father’s legacy. It is so nice to see young Goans also striving to preserve
that legacy.” Said the young artist expressing her views about preserving the rich Goan cultural
Her undying love for Goa and Goan cultural heritage was evident in our conversation with her.
She said, “I love our state; I love our people, our music, our language, I love everything about
us. And if I can bring someone into liking it more, in whatever I do. If I can bring a person closer
to their roots, I think I would be happy.”

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